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Broadcast: Michel Banabila Genius Musician


Gail Rothschild Using the Wrong Imagery 12, 2016 Acrylic and sand on canvas 26 x 49 in.

Wednesday March 22nd 2017

Michel Banabila – commissioned work.
Sound artist and composer Michel Banabila offers a mix of his own and other works especially for Six Pillars.

Featuring Michel Banabila: keys, electronics, samples & mix.

With contributions by
Salar Asid: violin & kabak kemane (kamancheh).
Oene van Geel: violins.
Anas Maghrebi: lead vocal.
Hannibal Saad: voice / texts.
Mehmet Polat: oud.
Richard Goodman: poem in ‘What Is Open’.


“Amal”(Michel Banabila & Salar Asid – Amal / 2015) – Tapu Records.

“Here and There” (Cloud Ensemble – Cloud Ensemble / 2014) – Tapu Records.

“Salar’s Dream” (Michel Banabila – Hilarious Expedition / 2005) – Tapu Records.

“What Is Open” a poem by Richard Goodman. (Michel Banabila – Disquiet Junto 0202 Text-to-Speech-to-Free / 2016)

“Maghrebi & Banabila live in Beirut” (Anas Maghrebi & Michel Banabila / 2015) – Tapu Records.

“Fragments of Memory” (Michel Banabila – Float / 2013) – Tapu Records.

“Sinus en Snaar (Six Pillars remix) (Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Music for viola and electronics / 2014) – Tapu Records.

With much thanks to Marc Weidenbaum. (disquiet junto), Richard Goodman, and Hannibal Saad.

Michel Banabila is a sound artist, composer, and producer releasing music since 1983 including scores for numerous films, documentaries, theatre plays and choreographies.

Numerous threads run through the music of Banabila, whose contemporary work ranges from adventurous electronic cross-breeding of chamber instrumentation, to industrial rhythmic sampling, to outward bound modular synthesis, to deeply elegiac drones.

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