The Far Becomes Near – The Confidential Briefing

The Confidential Briefing - ImageEpisode 3 of the monthly series, “The Far Becomes Near”, examining the social and political history of early radio in the United Arab Emirates. Today’s episode – “The Confidential Briefing”

This episode of “The Far Becomes Near” comes as a cassette tape, handed to you, a member of the British diplomatic core, as you board a chartered jumbo jet for the emirate of Sharjah in the UAE. Set in 1978, the scenario imagines that as you settle down in your seat, heed the ‘permission to smoke’ announcement, you put the headphones of your Sony Walkman on. The cassette is background information in preparation for the International Telecommunications Expo to which you are headed, taking place in Abu Dhabi. What follows is a confidential briefing, of declassified documents and expert testimonies, bringing you up to speed on political aspects of radio in the United Arab Emirates ahead of your ‘diplomatic’ work at the Expo.
Broadcast on air, on digital radio signal and online from London on Resonance104.4FM and in New York City online on Clocktower Radio.