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The Far Becomes Near: Listening on the Move

EP4 - Listening on the move.jpgTonight’s show on Resonance104.4fm 9-9.30pm UK time is the final episode in our The Far Becomes Near series on Sharjah in the UAE:
” The story of the rise of radio and its rapid technological changes ), from Majlis to car to phone, is parallel to the story of the formation of the UAE.
Radio was a centrifugal force for ideas of community and of nationality. Differences in Arabic dialect, of ethnicity and ideology, came together in the early talk shows, the on-air conversation was a crucible for those.
With that in mind how has radio listening changed until today with the proliferation of listening platforms, car radios and of streaming ‘stations’? This program examines what the past and present day listening and broadcast practices tell us about UAE’s current national and smaller community identities, through conversations with local broadcasters of different disciplines, academics and media commentators.”

Produced by Bradley-Weaver with Sharjah Art Foundation.

Broadcast Times

Six Pillars broadcasts on air on 104.4FM, on digital radio signal and online Wednesdays  9-9.30pm UK time. repeating the following Fridays 3.30-4pm.

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clocktower-radio-onair_logoThe Far Becomes Near is also streamed on Clocktower Radio NYC.

Also in Brighton on digital signal and again online, from midnight-00:30am the following Friday morning on Resonance Extra.

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