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Six Pillars Broadcast- Tunisia at Venice Bienniale

Performance at one of the 3 Freesa kiosks along the fondamentale, Venice.

Performance, Tunisian Pavilion Launch, Venice 2017

“The Absence of Paths”

Lina Lazaar, curator of the Tunisian Pavilion at Venice Biennial, the first since 1958, explains to Fari Bradley The Absence of Paths, and how come there are no artworks as such, but 30 Tunisians, including dancers and ‘performers’ who were once would-be migrants out of Tunisia, in the pavilion at the Arsenale.

The actors distribute Freesas to passers by, in main thoroughfares of  Venice such as near via Garibaldi and the sea front, inviting small acts of dissidence against the impositions of nationalism and nationality. Three performances launched the pavilion, of contemporary dance, poetry and song.

“Let me tell you this, a lot of artists in Tunisia were quite upset at the fact that there were no formal artists, and artwork available in this pavilion today, but personally speaking I found it indecent almost to, you know, to present Tunisia for the first time since 1958 with a bunch of artworks and objects that would have been produced to represent migration.

I think that the gravity of this region is such that unless we are able to genuinely engage with the individuals, with their personal narratives, and to engage with the faces behind this migration it makes absolutely no sense to even want to bring up such a topic in this biennale.”

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