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Six Pillars Broadcast – Music by Asnam L. Masrah, Palestine


July 12th – the sweetest vocals from Ramallah by singer /songwriter Asnam L. Masrah, أصنام المسرح, with her series of solo home-made recordings and electronica collaborations with Muqata’a (Boycott).

Interview below.  In Arabic her lyrics:

Complex questions and cloudy mysteries
emptiness judging consequences errors
Should I write about our present society?
or should I go back to the history of being?
where did we start to where we are today?
flowing from liquid to solid
From square to triangle
From the time of the femininity of god or after the domination of men
The universe spins on the chain of insanity
Wars awake and fall asleep on a buried answer

FullSizeRender-1Interview: “I started singing when I was 19, now I’m 29. I was with a friend of mine who was playing electric guitar and while talking about something he said to me ” you have a nice voice when you speak, try to sing!” But I was shy in the beginning then I started singing and that’s how it started. At that time I was dating Muqata’a, and we were recording tracks in his studio for fun, for example the first track “Al – raqs ma’ hawwa’, we made it when I was 23 but we published it 3 years ago” I was thinking of this project “the name of the project and the lyrics” since I was 22. In 2014 or 2015 I don’t remember when exactly, Boikutt and me weren’t together and I guess he was living abroad so we couldn’t work together anymore! I continued alone and started learning guitar alone last year 🙂 so I’m recording in my room now! Actually, people in my country don’t know about my project, sometimes they might know about the tracks but they don’t know the person, just friends in my bubble do! I don’t talk about it that much, just when the right moment comes … I don’t define my self as a singer, still need a lot of work … Now I want to improve this, to collaborate with other musicians but I don’t care about doing anything live “performing”
All the lyrics came from a real feelings and different phases!

IMG_8178I don’t perform, I used to do jam sessions with friends but now just by my self, I do this just for fun and for people who will feel what I do
I don’t expect from people to like my tracks because we have different tastes and that’s good, without it, there will be no creativity!

We have a great scene of music in Palestine, more hip-hop/electronic! Then indie, alternative, reggae music.

My track Atoun, is named after an Egyptian god of the Sun who created the universe and life. The lyrics are: I’m falling from the sky … wearing wings like an angle … it’s like I’m from the space and I have a brain pouring like water
our past, our future .. our creation, our identity … colors on our bodies, tongues fighting our nerves

The vibrations or the waves of the singing bowl are used to be sent to your heart, because when you hold it (to make the sound), you use the left hand and your heart is located on the left side of your body. heart means breathing or the oxygen = life, so it’s connected to the name of the track.”


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