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Six Pillars – Guest Soundscape: DSM, Tehran

23rs years young producer and DJ from Tehran, Iran DSM is Sasan Aminiashfar. In the past we’ve played his electronica mixes and home-produced tracks on the show, yet this time this most inquisitive impresario has produced a bespoke 29 minute soundscape of field recording and musical interludes for Six Pillars.

“I think art is just like a river… can swim with its flow and let it take you whenever it wants. It has no limitations and even if you want to limit it, art will eventually find its way just like water.“

True enough DSM’s 29 minute piece is a mature and measured approach to the area between music and noise which we might call art. With minute field recordings, whispered vocals, occasional beats, and ambiently recorded detuned piano, the piece speaks of an interiority that can’t be described in words; Sasan has grown up in a major city yet connected to the wider world solely through the internet. DSM featured recently on the album“VISIONS OF DARKNESS (IN IRANIAN CONTEMPORARY MUSIC)” on Cold Spring Records featured experimental producers , with DSM’s “NOWRUZ” (new year):

  “In Iran, we also have live performances of electronic music, especially experimental. Recently, people have become more familiar with this kind of music and have started listening to these kind of tracks. If someone played experimental music 10 years ago he would get yelled at to stop, but now everything has changed.”

DSM Six Pillars.PNG

DSM’s other releases were on record labels such as Ready Mix Records and Capital Heaven. He started to produce experimental and ambient music, produced on his home PC until he bought a midi controller and began producing tracks in a different styles. His most recent release is on the label FUTURIST with the EP  “Abstracted”. Sasan also started to experience with live performance at private parties in Tehran

“Partying and raving in Iran is against the law, making the party scene underground and even more special. Limitations in Iran have been reduced now, but there are still many blocks in the way of Iranian music producers. However, these limits are the reason that makes the Iran’s underground music production so special.



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