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Six Pillars Broadcast – Direct from Tehran, Sazmanab


A Brief History of Sazmanab
Narrated by ‘Alice’

Sazmanab (Persian: سازمان آب‎) is a curatorial platform which originally started as an artist-run space and residency programme in Tehran in 2008.

Sazmanab creates curatorial projects and supports artistic work in a wide range of media through exhibitions and events, residencies for artists, curators and researchers, educational initiatives, workshops, talks, and publications. Sazmanab was the first residency program in Tehran. Since 2010, Sazmanab has hosted more than fifty artists and curators in residence.

Created by Sohrab Kashani and Siavash Naghshbandi

How to Listen

Listen on-air: 104.4FM or on digital radio in London

Or listen online here.

Broadcast Times

[On air 6-6.30pm Mondays. Repeats Wednesdays 1pm.]

After the repeat, listen online via the PODCAST.