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Currently Listening to…Mitra Sumara

Mitra Sumara, a Persian big band in NYC, have released an album “Tahdig” in 2018 on Persian Cardinal Recordings. The band has a fantastic history:

“The band is the creation of NYC singer Yvette Saatchi Perez, who was adopted and raised by American parents in Los Angeles. After twenty years of writing and recording her own music (avant-pop group Birdbrain, I Fly; and H*E*R, Songs About the Mysteries of Housework and Nature) and performing in numerous rock bands and new music ensembles, Yvette discovered the popular music of pre-Revolutionary Iran. She founded Mitra Sumara after studying Farsi and uniting with her birth father. This project is an outgrowth of Yvette’s journey to reclaim her personal identity, and a love letter to the beauty of Iranian culture and music.”