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Broadcast – Ocean’s Academy

The TBA21 Academy is dedicated to projects that facilitate artists’ research of the oceans. TBA21 director Markus Reymann visits the studio to discuss this itinerant site of cultural production and trans-disciplinary research and questions put to him by host Fari Bradley such as “Who owns the seas?”.

Conceived in 2011 as a moving platform on the oceans, TBA21 brings together diverse artists, researchers, and thinkers concerned with today’s most urgent ecological, social, and economic issues. Through expeditions on sea and land, the Academy seeks to reinvent the culture of exploration in the 21st century, and promote knowledge dissemination, new modes of collaboration, and co-produced solutions for the most pressing environmental challenges of today.

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Image: artist Armin Linke “Prospecting Ocean“, 2018 as discussed in the show, soon to show at Istanbul Biennial.

Broadcast Times:

6-6.30pm Mondays

Repeats Wednesday 1-1.30pm

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