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How to Support the People of Iran Today

Please find a way that suits you and please just do it.

IRANSOS is a continually updated Link page for news, action and signposts on Iran for English speakers.

You can also follow @FariBrad and see news from citizen journalism mostly. in the stories sections of Instagram.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Make any social media posts with any of these hashtags – the reason for the same name variants is to bypass the social media algorithms and keep her name trending. remember images tend to do better than text-only posts: #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی #mahsa_amini #OpIran #HadisNajafi

TALK – get your peers and friends and family to talk a bit about the situation in Iran, remember the regime and these ‘Islamicist’ restrictions are relatively new, prior to UK and USA meddling Iran was not a totalitarian state.

JOIN A MARCH IN PROTEST – we have added international events on our Facebook page but you can also search on other platforms for your city with terms such as “protest” “iran” “solidarity” “march” “mahsa amini”

SIGN A PETITION FOR BOYCOTT – Many Iranians are calling on Fifa World Cup to boycott their own team in the November 2022 world cup in Qatar. This may seem counter-intuitive but you only have to look at the history of the very successful protests against white apartheid in South Africa to see boycotting the sports teams works. you can sign the petition or post at @FifaWorldCup. Historically, boycotts have worked to pressure for reform in countries.

Tactics from within Iran are encouraging: look up #IranRevolution– changing names of streets on Googlemaps, marking money with #MahsaAmini and “breaking down” to create traffic and bring roads and neighbourhoods to a standstill.