Women Life Freedom Radio Broadcast – Iran

Iran Protests – Women Life Freedom. In Iran and around the world, momentous and incredibly moving protests for 40 days today, since 16 September 2022, have raised a movement labelled the “first feminist revolution”.

A reaction to the death of 22-year-old Kurd Mahsa Amini, the country and its diaspora, customarily locked in fear of repercussions, now speak out with a burgeoning political arts and culture movement and an activism unlike any before. With no identifiable leader to assassinate, women and children lead this revolution alongside their grandparents and striking oil, steel and other industry workers all over the country.

What can listeners do to support the Women Life Freedom movement?

We hear direct from Iranian voices who have recorded messages specifically for UK listeners, and also from activist Steve Marsling who as a teenager from South East London worked towards the end of the bloody South African regime, with exemplary success.

First broadcast on air in October 2022 and now podcast and transcribed below.