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7th London Kurdish Film Festival – Monday 14th Nov

From the 17th -27th November we celebrate the 7th LKFF here in London. Since our in-depth interview with film director Bahman Gobadi we’ve been intrigued to hear more from this sector of the ‘Iranian peoples’. The Kurds are a nation without a state, probably the largest stateless people in the world: over 30 uprooted million … Continue reading

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Today’s Show – Frieze Art Fair Emdash Award Winner Anahita Razmi in Conversation

From 13.30-14.00hrs GMT we’ll be broadcasting an interview with visiting artist Anahita Razmi, after her return from Iran where she was filming her video installation for the Frieze Art Fair. Taking as her starting point a well known dance piece from 1970’s New York, Anahita created a chinese-whispers in dance on the rooftops of Tehran. … Continue reading

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Approached by A Quinn Flotilla

The usual open skyline, dotted with green trees flourishing on tiny islands off the main port of Venice, was suddenly filled with an astounding sight: as if materialised from a dream a large flotilla carrying a huge pair of disembodied hands playing with life-size tanks and toy soldiers appeared alongside us, unexpectedly and momentarily altering … Continue reading

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A Lebanese State of Mind

Lebanese writer and curator Georges Rabbath lays out ‘A Plot for A Biennial’, an interactive happening following Lebanon’s retraction from the Venice Biennial, 11. At  Sharjah Art Foundation, Georges explains how The State of Mind project at this year’s biennial will make a transferable collection of artworks for any place where the world of art … Continue reading