Six Pillars Broadcast – Classical Persian Music
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Six Pillars Broadcast – Classical Persian Music

This week, a political listening exercise. Too often when we discuss Iran today or even the Persian Empire that preceded it, homegrown classical music does not come to mind. But for how many years before the first notes were written down in Europe, were the Mesopotamians and their neighbours stringing the early versions of the … Continue reading

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Greek, Indian, Iranian Folk in Rag Basant Mukhari

The group Mehr Ban (the caretaker of the light), prove that Indian and Persian music share a long history of cross-inspiration. Mehr Ban is a musical dialogue between these two great musical traditions, a collaboration by world-renowned musicians Pandit Shubhendra Rao on sitar, Saskia Rao-de Haas on Indian cello, Ciavash Borhani on taar, Samer Habibi … Continue reading

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June 25th Radio Show – Mehrdad Farid, The Collaborative Orchestra

On June 25th’s show Mehrdad Andrew Farid discusses his work and inspirations as a young composer and conductor with The Collaborative Orchestra. The Collaborative Orchestra due to perform with Farid early July (see picture) serves musicians, performers and patrons. Gathered in London under Andrew Farid’s capable conductor’s baton, the groups’s diversity makes for an exciting … Continue reading

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Two free tickets to Kayhan Kalhor, Madjid Khaladj and ensemble

We’ll be giving away two tickets to Kayhan Kalhor, Madjid Khaladj and ensemble for Sunday 13 November 2011, 7:45pm to celebrate the London Jazz Festival on next month. Kalhor is acclaimed master of the kemancheh and Grammy Award nominee. Tune in this Monday 13.30 GMT to find out how to win… Continue reading

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Amir Tafreshipour – Monday 7th March 2011

My guest this week is a contemporary classical composer who enjoys the freedom of expression afforded the avant garde without the extreme dynamic changes and visual language usually associated with the genre. Growing up in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war and then in Denmark and finally England, Tafreshipour’s compositions merge his three identities clearly. He … Continue reading

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Les Ballets Persans and Lady Jamileh Kharrazi

New Iranian National Ballet with Lady Jamila Kharrazi, the Toos Foundation, and Nima Kiann of Les Ballets Persans, Sweden, prior to the gala performance at Logan Hall to mark Les Ballets Persans’ 6th anniversary. In a country where dance and performance is highly restricted, ballet seems something left over from the days of the Shas, … Continue reading

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BIBA (British Iranian Business Association) and Soheil Nasseri

Classical pianist Soheil Nasseri gives an interview before his UK debut at The Royal Festival Hall. We hear pieces from his CD, details of his unusual adventures in downtown US city schools and all about playing the UK premiere of a work named Sonata No.0. The sonata is by a little known Parsi Essex-born composer: … Continue reading