Last Week’s Six Pillars Show – TripleW.ME Playlist
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Last Week’s Six Pillars Show – TripleW.ME Playlist

This week we sample tracks submitted by TripleW.ME, producers and bands making songs across Middle East and North Africa and all the cultures these regions encompass. In some places, music is still frowned on, yet in places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi where Phillipinos, Indians and other Arab expats such as Lebanese and Syrians are … Continue reading

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Greek, Indian, Iranian Folk in Rag Basant Mukhari

The group Mehr Ban (the caretaker of the light), prove that Indian and Persian music share a long history of cross-inspiration. Mehr Ban is a musical dialogue between these two great musical traditions, a collaboration by world-renowned musicians Pandit Shubhendra Rao on sitar, Saskia Rao-de Haas on Indian cello, Ciavash Borhani on taar, Samer Habibi … Continue reading