Pardeh Khani Performance: ‘Rostam and Sohrab’
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Pardeh Khani Performance: ‘Rostam and Sohrab’

Off the Curtain: A Performance of Rostam and Sohrab – Tuesday 20 August, 7pm Pardeh Khani (reading off the curtain) combines acting, narrating, and intimate storytelling with innovative stage prepping.  In the almost interactive Off the Curtain female storyteller Sara Mashayekh provides the audience with an alternative form of presenting an epic story and breaks … Continue reading

A Shahnameh for the Digital Age
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A Shahnameh for the Digital Age

We have often covered productions and exhibitions around the Persian Book of Kings or The Shahnameh: from our show on Drinking Arak of an Ayatollah’s Beard, a novel about travelling around Iran and Afghanistan with a copy of the classic in hand, to the major Shahnameh exhibition at Cambridge’s Fitzwiliam Museum via an interview with … Continue reading

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Persian Catechumen

Women in Sadeq Hedayat’s fiction, modernity and Iranian drama, metamorphosis of meaning in Rumi, possibilities of feminist studies of conflict…these are just some of the topics a place at Oxford University studying Persian will afford you…in your spare time. Monday 5th March we talk to the president of Oxford University Persian Society Amara Elahi about their … Continue reading

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Women Without Men – Zanan-e Bedun-e Mardan

Film still: one of the characters momentarily flies, launching herself from the rooftop. How do you explain the interior workings of such a complex and beautiful thing as a woman? It’s a task that is never straightforward if the story being told is to have any integrity. Add to that the complexities of Iranian society … Continue reading

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Ebi Once and Over…..Six Pillars Broadcast April 19th 2010

Monday’s show was a musical tribute to Ebi before his impending performance at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured left), with an interview with Shahed Elahi Gomshaei (son of the famous philosopher loved by the young, the old and even the clerics) and an interview with Della from Gulan a Kurdish cultural organisation who are putting … Continue reading

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Iran Symposium Tomorrow in London

The 7th programme in our series on ‘The Idea of Iran’ explores a critical period of Iranian history, when the Abbasids’s power in Baghdad waned and a series of autonomous Iranian dynasties (Tahirids, Saffarids, Samanids and Buyids) emerged in the eastern provinces. Around 1000 CE the Ghaznavid and Seljuq sultans took over, their arrival marked … Continue reading

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Mansour Bahrami and East

Tennis impresario Mansour Bahrami at the launch of his DVD, talks about his extraordinary rise to stardom via homelessness in France and singularly harsh treatment as a child on the tennis courts in Iran. BIBA (The British Iranian Business Association) organised this event in Summer 08 as part of their public service programming. We also … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Pleasure

Author Rudi Mathee discusses his study of Persian uses for narcotics and other more mundane stimulants throughout history.  Mathee’s book “The Pursuit of Pleasure” has just been released in Iran, and Fari Bradley asks him about Sherry, Shiraz wine and stimulants and opiates in ancient Persia from coffee to opium. Mathee focusses on the Safavid … Continue reading