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Free New Year Event, March 23rd, National Portrait Gallery

March 23rd we celebrate Persian New Year with a free event at the National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2H OHE. Persian New Year happens at the Spring Equinox, the start of Spring (when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is runs parallel to the Sun and day and night are equal lengths). There will … Continue reading

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Persian Catechumen

Women in Sadeq Hedayat’s fiction, modernity and Iranian drama, metamorphosis of meaning in Rumi, possibilities of feminist studies of conflict…these are just some of the topics a place at Oxford University studying Persian will afford you…in your spare time. Monday 5th March we talk to the president of Oxford University Persian Society Amara Elahi about their … Continue reading

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A Split in Family, Country and Values.

Best Foreign Language Film and Best Screenplay Oscar nominations, although ‘A Separation’ has a massive amount of international appeal, what does it tell us about Iran today? Discuss. With it writer and director Ashghar Farhadi illustrates the phenomenal pressures exacted on families, some of which are specific to Iran, and also the terrible effect of … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Photography – 12th & 18th December

Omid Salehi “My Car is My Love” series Highlights of a conversation between writer Malu Halasa with curator Rose Issa at the National Portrait Gallery December 2011. “Documentary portrayals of reality can threaten the preferred narratives of authoritarian religious regimes […] and can also thwart Western misconceptions.”  From the pamphlet by Malu Halasa Alternative Histories … Continue reading