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A Split in Family, Country and Values.

Best Foreign Language Film and Best Screenplay Oscar nominations, although ‘A Separation’ has a massive amount of international appeal, what does it tell us about Iran today? Discuss. With it writer and director Ashghar Farhadi illustrates the phenomenal pressures exacted on families, some of which are specific to Iran, and also the terrible effect of … Continue reading

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A Lebanese State of Mind

Lebanese writer and curator Georges Rabbath lays out ‘A Plot for A Biennial’, an interactive happening following Lebanon’s retraction from the Venice Biennial, 11. At  Sharjah Art Foundation, Georges explains how The State of Mind project at this year’s biennial will make a transferable collection of artworks for any place where the world of art … Continue reading

Drinking Arak Off An Ayatollah’s Beard
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Drinking Arak Off An Ayatollah’s Beard

Venturing around Iran and Afghanistan with a copy of the Shahnameh tucked under his arm, Nicholas Jubber relates what this pivotal introduction taught him about modern people who still love this medieval text. Jubber explains how The Shahnameh, or Persian Book of Kings, is still very much alive today for many people, even 1000 years … Continue reading

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Six Pillars to Persia at Exit Festival, Serbia

Inside a grassy fortress on the banks of the river Danube, Six Pillars to Persia will be representing Resonance 104.4FM  this Friday at Exit Festival on the Suba Stage. Following on from our Amnesty event No.2 we were asked if we’d bring over three of the acts featured on the night: Hiatus and Arash Khalatbari … Continue reading