This Week’s Radio Show – New Music from Iran IV
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This Week’s Radio Show – New Music from Iran IV

This episode in the New Music from Iran series is a selection by electronic producer Tegh. Shahin Entezami, named Tegh after a sound – like the sound your speaker makes when it’s turned on or off – is from Tehran, Iran. At 22 he’s a musician who associates himself with Ambient/Drone/Experimental/IDM music.  Entezami started producing … Continue reading

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Unfinished Dream

Please bindfold me and walk me to a car park in Croydon, I want to suspend my disbelief! Hamid Pourazari’s play Unfinished Dream at LIFT festival with the Perpanata Theatre Company promises to be a most visceral and enlivening piece of physical theatre, recounting the untold stories of refugees whose lives are currently in limbo. Continue reading

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Fat Beats from Iran

Pooya Payvar aka Stonail, is using Ableton here in this dark, alluring beat from Tehran. For those new to this, it’s a program many music producers have used since at least 2000. Personally I find the temptation to turn music into clear blocks of beats and audio – and render the music mechanical – too … Continue reading