Headpieces For Peace – Jessica Mitrani
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Headpieces For Peace – Jessica Mitrani

Jessica Mitrani, a Colombian-born, New York-based artist creates her inquisitive, almost confrontational works using performance, sculpture, film, and video art. We highlight one of her works here below, drawn by her kooky and visually intriguing manner, alongside the image quality of the film, contrast of colours, the creativity of the costumes and above all, her … Continue reading

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Photographic Record of Destruction & State Formation, Monday 14th November

Somehow the story of the birth of Israel has been narrated into another story. In advance of this month’s UN’s International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, Jewish- born researcher and visual theorist Ariella Azoulay brings over 200 photographs from the Israeli state archives to display with her accompanying text, a text which reframes the  … Continue reading

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Spiritual Strings – The Roohafza Ensemble

Six Pillars – How did you group form and what is the thing that brings you all together to play? Shahab Hamidi Manesh – Roohafza Tanbour Ensemble (The Tanbour Players of Esfahan) was founded in 1998 in Esfahan-Iran by director and composer Aliasghar Rahimi, a master tanbour player. The tanbour is an ancient Persian-Kurdish instrument … Continue reading

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Iran Symposium Tomorrow in London

The 7th programme in our series on ‘The Idea of Iran’ explores a critical period of Iranian history, when the Abbasids’s power in Baghdad waned and a series of autonomous Iranian dynasties (Tahirids, Saffarids, Samanids and Buyids) emerged in the eastern provinces. Around 1000 CE the Ghaznavid and Seljuq sultans took over, their arrival marked … Continue reading

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Jamshid Bayrami at Xerxes Fine Arts

6IIIs to Persia on Resonance104.4fm Photographer Jamshid Bayrami shows his works in ‘Haj’, the opening exhibition at Xerxes Fine Arts Gallery in London, the only permanent gallery dedicated to Iranian art. Bayrami has worked successfully as a photo journalist and is known for his picture of a bloodied hand print on a T-shirt during student … Continue reading