This Week’s Six Pillars – Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat in London
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This Week’s Six Pillars – Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat in London

Sister vocalists and songwriters Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat sing folk and classical in Persian. Their elevating, haunting voices are “their artistic cause” and the reason for which they left Iran, in order to be able to perform. Now they appear in north London’s Art Depot, Finchley in the Pentland Theatre on February 28th. The sisters’ songs … Continue reading

This Week’s Six Pillars Show  – Dissolving Self

This Week’s Six Pillars Show – Dissolving Self

Iranian-Canadian media artist and director, Maziar Ghaderi discusses his artistic practice, Playformance: the unique synthesis of performance art and interactive technologies . Ghaderi visited the UAE this month for the International Symposium on Electronic Art, where he showcased, Dissolving Self: an interactive dance performance that translates movement to stellar visualizations inspired by Rumi’s mystic poetry. … Continue reading

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Niyaz – Free Download

Mature sound from Niyaz (نياز), verging on the electronic this time for a very generous free MP3 download. We first sampled the San Francisco-based trio on the show in 2008 since which time they have released only 3 albums. Their new double-album Sumud is released May 22nd 2012 and features Indian as well as Afghan … Continue reading

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Spiritual Strings – The Roohafza Ensemble

Six Pillars – How did you group form and what is the thing that brings you all together to play? Shahab Hamidi Manesh – Roohafza Tanbour Ensemble (The Tanbour Players of Esfahan) was founded in 1998 in Esfahan-Iran by director and composer Aliasghar Rahimi, a master tanbour player. The tanbour is an ancient Persian-Kurdish instrument … Continue reading