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Unfinished Dream

Please bindfold me and walk me to a car park in Croydon, I want to suspend my disbelief! Hamid Pourazari’s play Unfinished Dream at LIFT festival with the Perpanata Theatre Company promises to be a most visceral and enlivening piece of physical theatre, recounting the untold stories of refugees whose lives are currently in limbo. Continue reading

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White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

A play by Nassim Soleimanpour – playwright and director born in Tehran, Iran. Soleimnapour’s production is an experiment with roots in improv theatre: a new actor each night, reads the script and renders each delivery in itself, unique. As part of the LIFT 2012 festival, the play runs for a few select dates in Notting … Continue reading

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Dari-Persian Shakespeare: ‘Comedy of Errors’

حالا دست در دست برویم نه پشت به پشت Roy-e-Sabs is a theatrical miracle. In 2005, the group performed Love’s Labour’s Lost in an ancient garden in war-ravaged Kabul, close to where the founder of the Mughal Empire lies buried. The controversial production saw men and women acting together, the women occasionally not wearing headscarves, … Continue reading