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This Week’s Show – New Music From Iran II and III

Sky recorder (And the sound remained) ©Hadi Bastani

Sky recorder (And the sound remained) ©Hadi Bastani

Friday May 3rd’s show is guest produced by musician and sound designer Hadi Bastani who, along with his peers in Iran has submitted new tracks for us to hear on this broadcast. Bastani releases as I o and this two-part production will be his second show for Six Pillars to Persia. These tracks stem from a new wave of electronic music on Iran’s music scene, a scene which has been thriving for some years now. As it grows daily more and more young musicians are introduced to  a variety of experimental styles such as electronica; EDM, IDM, ambient and more. These young producers are mostly based in Tehran where most of the country’s creatives tend to flock, and there is a certain sound and even a recurring range of concerns that bind them together which is encapsulated in the above image.

The show is split in two and will be followed up with a second part on Friday May 24th at the usual time of 19.30-20hrs, and follows from our first exploration into this genre of music in Iran, prodcued by Fari Bradley which you have can hear on our Six Pillars podcast sets HERE.

All Six Pillars to Persia shows are repeated the following Wednesday 13.30-14hrs. Listen across London on 104.4Fm or online at